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Performance Improvement Plan

Assignment Details: Aim of Assessment: This assessment aims to apply the principles of effective leadership and change theory to performance improvement plan in the health care sector. The assessment asks students to consider the implications for capacity building and both personal and organisational level and the ways in which workplace culture may enhance or hinder the achievement of sustainable change outcomes. Students are asked to consider the role of the leader in developing workplaces that are flexible and able to meet the demands for change. * Critical Analysis of the leadership role in developing a performance improvement plan. Identify an area (one specific) health related practice that requires a performance improvement. Using some references from each module, identify and critically discuss relevant aspects of the following: You are required to go through the following points in the assignment• the role of the leader in this particular performance improvement • the type(s) of leadership style(s) that can effect change • the steps required (and their relevant change theory support) to implement this aspect of workplace performance • the impact of the workplace culture • the barriers and facilitators in change processes and the management strategies • the importance of benchmarking best practice related to this performance improvement • strategies for motivating and engaging the stakeholders/staff in the performance improvement at all stages Background: I am working in Respiratory ward with 8 ventilator beds and 22 general beds, many patients with mechanical ventilation develop ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), the VAP rate is raise up in last few years. In my ward, nursing staff are very busy attending to different patients, and they do not get enough time to provide mouth care to patients on ventilators. Even if nurses provide oral care, traditionally they use thymol gargle for it. Chlorhexidine is rarely used by them. Many studies and trial proved that using chlorhexidine for oral care for mechanical ventilated patient can lower the VAP incident rate. I would like to implement a protocol for prevention of VAP to reduce VAP rate. And I would like to use transformational leadership style to make change. Our hospital vision, mission, and Values Vision- “Health people, Happy staff, Trusted by the Community” Mission- “To deliver quality and effective healthcare services though a professional and caring team To dedicate to professional training and provide a pleasant working environment conducive to staff development To foster community partnership, to innovate and to excel” Values- “We Care We Share” Remarks: Read the lecture notes and attached references and you are required to use it for references in the assignment – Attached one assignment for your reference, but different topic and just 3 points of criteria to similar, so just for your information only For this assignment, you are expected to write a scholarly essay that explores the chosen topic in a critical manner and demonstrate your understanding of the ideas and concepts related to leading organisational performance improvement or change. You are also required to demonstrate an ability to apply these ideas and concepts to the program being discussed. It is expected that you will use the accepted format for an academic essay including: • an introduction with a thesis statement • sections made up of a number of paragraphs that address each of the assignment points and • a comprehensive conclusion. • APA referencing