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Pathology & Lab Medicine


please i wanna expert writer and his first language is English … please MULTIPLE MYELOMA-ASSOCIATED AMYLOIDOSIS 1- An Introduction to provide a background to the material you are going to present. 2- Methods used in standard procedures. Briefly outline relevant histological techniques/methods to explain your topic. A diagram may be useful in some instances. 3- The Discussion may include advantages or disadvantages of a particular technique. Perhaps suggestions for improvement or future directions for this topic. For topics related to a disease include description of the histological changes in the tissues, patient symptoms, risk groups, prognosis and treatments currently available. Also include histopathological tests used for diagnosis eg specific staining. 4- for the discussion of 2 original papers (about a paragraph each) – these should be integrated into the text of the assignment and should not only summarised to say what they did but why, and why this paper is of interest 5- The appropriate citation of references as described above. A MAXIMUM OF 5 REFERENCES IS REQUIRED. 6- attach a photocopy of each 5 articles of the assignment.