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Ozxford English Dictionary

Prompt: First, choose a word or a term. You might look to word-choices you found interesting in one of our readings. You might also look at the Ozxford English Dictionary and find a word whose meaning has changed. Alternatively, you might pick a word you love, or a word you hate. You may also choose a colloquialism, as long as you have a compelling reason for your choice. Make sure you choose a word that is interesting to you and that you are invested in. Next, write an extended usage guide for your word. Do not rely on the dictionary’s definition, though you should use it to inform your own understanding. Instead, try to create your own definition based on how it is used. The goal is to investigate the word. Consider David Foster Wallace’s discussion of Prescriptivism vs. Descriptivism, and the ideological implications of approaches to language and grammar. Also consider the discussions on Radiolab about how words convey meaning. Use these texts to inform your analysis. Look at how you use the word, how others use it, how it has changed, and explain how this investigation informs your definition and usage guide. You might take a Prescriptive or Descriptive approach, or maybe you might think neither is adequate. But, you do need to be clear about your ideology and priorities in making meaning, and these should be informed (they do not have to agree or disagree, but they need to acknowledge and understand) by the readings we have done. It will probably be helpful to use additional sources (dictionaries, examples of the word in context). Texts: – Authority and American Usage, David Foster Wallace (Required) – ¬Translation, Radiolab, various authors (Required) – Oxford English Dictionary (Recommended) – Any text we’ve read this semester Goals/Expectations: – Compelling and informed analysis of how your word is used, or should be used – Serious consideration of the implications of usage and style (why does it matter how we understand “correct” or “proper” usage, or whether we believe there is such a thing?) – Close analysis of the word, and how context may influence its meaning So the requrement is to choose a word and I choose “Wechat” to write about. Thank you very much