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Organizational Theory and Design Case Analysis

Case Analysis Each student will be assigned one of the integrative cases found at the end of the text book. You will analyze the case and respond to the issues and questions posed by a given case. I will provide some questions on the cases to get you going.The write-ups will be typed, double-spaced reports, which are no more than 7 pages in length. The papers should reflect that you have carefully analyzed the case issues and have crafted a thoughtful response. The write-ups should NOT contain any summary of the case itself; all effort should be spent on addressing the issues presented in the case. I will judge your evaluations on content and style. Good papers will address the case’s major issues, integrate appropriate course material, and present realistic, well-supported solutions. Your assumptions and conclusions should be well grounded in case information and class material. Each case will relate to a specific portion of our class material and my expectation is that you will fully integrate this material into your case responses. It is not that I want you to discover the “one right answer” but rather that your solutions make sense and are justifiable, given the problems that you identified. The case evaluations are similar to logical analyses. You should identify the major problems in the case, explain why these issues are problems, and then present me with solutions to those problems. Good papers will be clearly written, well organized, free of grammatical and spelling errors, and be interesting to read. For the case assigned to you, please write 4-7 double-spaced pages that analyze your case by responding to the questions found in the link below