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Bang the Drum creative is one of the famous Advertising companies and the offices of the advertising company is present in Australia but the regional office is situated in Auckland, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Singapore. The company is performing very well and it can be considered as one of the fast growing companies and the company have almost 300 employees. The Company have most effective creative team and it includes web designers, graphic designers, voiceover artists and video editors

My role

The role of a customer relationship manager is to deal with the management team and at the same time proper dealing with the client. Before dealing the client it is important to develop the creative brief because it will help the CRM to develop the advertising campaign. Apart from that CRM also plays most vital role to make proper coordination with the client. In case of making most effective budget and schedule CRM plays one of the major roles.

My client

Main client of Bang the Drum creative is the Australian Hardware Ltd. It is one of the best companies and has a good reputation for their huge hardware markets and quality in the home improvement.



Australian Hardware Ltd is client of the Bang the Drum creative company. They have almost 138 stores nationally and have almost 10,000 employees who perform their role in various departments. Australian Hardware Ltd focuses mainly in the home renovation and improvement business and they have a huge market for hardware products. The business plan and the marketing plan of AH were actually developed in the year of 2013 but due to the huge range of  business and market factor the company could not able to perform or act according to the requirements. All the statistics that are created for the organisation was very relevant and with the help of this business plan and market plan they can experience some growth. The growth was not as expected.

Organisation Assignment Help


Main product of the Australian Hardware Ltd is home fittings and various kind of hardware product.

Key observations

From current scenario it can be suggested that competitions and opportunities in the hardware DIY market are growing rapidly therefore it creates more opportunities for home renovation. Another thing that is observed that home renovation or reconstruction reality TV show actually inspired customer to update their homes. Hence, Australian Hardware Ltd hire Bang the Drum creative companies staffs to make proper advertisements and visit home renovators to sort out any kind of problems.

Consumer insight

  • Product of Australian Hardware is reliable and quality wise is better.
  • They have huge market space

Australian Hardware is one of the trusted and well known companies