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Network Project


Some of the projects that your group may choose to work on are, but not limited to (please choose only one) :   Work on the case study provided Network security in virtualised data centres Deployment of advanced authentication and encryption Tracking and tracing cyber attacks Network security and disaster recovery ….or, the project of your own choice Note:   Please consider the project case of Lloyds Business School as a MODEL CASE SCENARIO. However, your group can choose to work on it, if they wish to. Furthermore, you are encouraged to select and work on any organisational network security project (including your workplace).   It is important to note that, whether you work on one of above suggested projects or the project of your own choice, the final outcome of the course is to deliver a network security plan.   Your task is to produce a network security plan and demonstrate its technical implementation in order to address the organisation’s network security requirements.   from the above list we have chosen TRACKING AND TRACING CYBER ATTACKS.   ************************* we need to give one securitythreat which has already effected to loyds business school and we have overcome the situation. so u can take gofor the attacks like man-in-the middle attack to the organisation. how it is effected and what specifications did we take to overcome the situation.*************************************       General Information   This is a group assessment.   As a member of your group you are required to deliver a short in-class presentation.   This presentation is due in week 11. Each member of the group must give an oral presentation of their DRAFT Project Report using PowerPoint slides. This assessment worths 10% of total course marks.   It is important that each member of the group will submit the same presentation slides.   Requirements   In your presentation, your group will summarise the security plan you produced.   You will identify and justify your selection of key threats or security challenges to the organisation and explain what technology you will implement to mitigate or minimise those. Describe how you will test technologies that you identified and what documentation (including policy and procedures) you will be producing.   Take this opportunity to collect constructive feedback about what your group will be implementing.   What you need to submit????   You are required to submit:   A single ZIP file containing:   A document in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx) that contains a brief summary of the presentation. This summary should indicate the key points that will be discussed and by whom (maximum 1000 words). You must complete and submit (this template will be provided soon) as the basis for your submission. The presentation PowerPoint file(s) and any other hand-outs. References from in-text citations should be at the end of the document(s).   Hints   The presentation should be no more than 15 minutes in length (including questions). Pitch the presentation at your peers: in other words, use terminology they would be familiar with. This is a formal presentation. Do not use slang and ensure your delivery is professional   Note: Should a group member fail to contribute to or attend the presentation, then they will received zero marks.