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Netflix Annual Report

Instructions Netflix is a leading provider of video streaming to customers around the world. In this case study, you are required to prepare a report that: (i) examines the rise of Netflix; and (ii) considers its future in a highly competitive market. In preparing your report please consider whether Netflix’s strategies will assist the company in realizing its long term objectives (hint: review the Netflix annual report and it strategy statements, which are available on its website).Your report must be structured as follows:1.    Introduction (5 marks)2.    Institutional Background (5 marks) o 2.1. A brief history of Netflix3.    This rise of Netflix (20 marks)o    3.1    Changing technology    o    3.2    Operating online    o    3.3    Pricing strategies    o    3.4    Netflix’s innovations    4. Will    Netflix remain the dominate    provider of online  video streaming?  (15 marks)o    4.1    What is the Netflix strategy?o    4.2    How is Netflix currently    performing?o    4.3 The future of Netflix5.    Conclusion (5 marks)