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MIS770 – Analytical Skills Foundations


Learning Outcome Details  Unit Learning Outcome (ULO) Graduate Learning Outcome (GLO) ULO2: Manipulate and summaries data that accurately represents real world problems  GLO4: Critical thinking   ULO4: Use various contemporary tools to analyse business information and recognize the usefulness of these tools GLO3: Digital literacy  Overview  The purpose of this assignment is to investigate a data set utilizing the knowledge learned in Module Two. This will enable conclusions to be drawn that ultimately assist in decision making. You will also draw on information/techniques covered in Module One.  The assignment requires you to analyse a given data set, interpret the results, and then draw conclusions such that you are able to reply to specific questions being asked of you in the form of a report. (These questions are asked in the following memorandum).  The aims of the assignments are to:   provide you with some examples of the application of data analysis within an organisation,  test your understanding of the material in the relevant topics,  test your ability to analyse and interpret your results,   test your ability to effectively communicate the results of your analysis to others.  Before tackling an assignment, make sure you have prepared yourself well. As a minimum, please read the relevant sections of the prescribed text and listen/watch the pre-recorded material for Modules 1 & 2.