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Mathematical Modelling Task

Two investigative tasks, one of which must be a mathematical modelling task dealing with a real world context (Population Growth) and the other a purely mathematical investigation (Homelessness in Australia) with use of varied resources. The accompanying report will require a combination of written and oral multimedia forms of presentation and use of varied resources. Part 1: Mathematical Modelling (800 words) According to Joseph Malkevitch, a “mathematical model is a simplified version of the real world that employs the tools of mathematics” (Malkevitch, 2009). From the following real world context Population growth, which enables you to investigate the use of mathematical modelling in the real world. For your context: (The topic is Population growth you must do the following below) 1. Outline the context (not included in the word count) 2. Describe the mathematical modelling undertaken. You need to fully describe the mathematics used. Ensure you have a sound understanding of the mathematics being discussed. If you don’t understand the maths associated with a particular context then don’t choose it! Part 2: Mathematical Investigation (800 words) From the following topic Homelessness in Australia: Explore the hidden costs to the community investigate and complete the following: 1. Outline the investigation of your chosen topic (not included in the word count) by presenting an opinion on the topic. 2. Present a compelling argument using numerical data to justify your point of view. 3. Explain the possible processes undertaken to collect the data and the mathematics undertaken to present the data within the various resources used. You may wish to explain the mathematics by giving simpler examples. Ensure you have a sound understanding of the mathematics. If you are unable to determine or understand the maths associated with a particular fact then don’t use it!