Maddox Smith Staff asked 5 years ago

Marketing Strategies

The assignment should be done exactly in the way it is mentioned in the uploaded file ‘MKT00720_Guidance for Assignment 2_S3 2016_a.pdf’. It should have all the requirements mentioned in this file. The main focus should be given to the point no. 3 Marketing Analysis, where you have to talk about (a) Aldi Australia’s marketing strategies since it began and (b) Marketing options for Aldi Australia moving forward. So, there should be 4 different marketing strategies in part (a) and 4 different marketing options for Aldi Australia moving forward/recommendations in part (b). Since everyone is doing their assignment on Aldi Australia, please make sure there is no plagiarism. Please go through the slides and make sure that all the topics are covered and the data about Aldi Australia is relevant to the topics in the criteria. Thank you.