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Marketing enhanced solar panels

Assignment Task: As a small project team (3 – 4 members) you are to look at an Oil and Gas project (Option 1: Solar Panels OR Option 2: Knowledge Management System) and to apply project management learnings and techniques to deliver the following milestone:1. critical analysis – an appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation Milestones 1 – 3 to be handed in during the tutorials as per deadlines indicated at each milestone – all team members are expected to be present at the meeting with your sponsor (the tutor) to review progress and receive feedback (Formative Assessment). Milestones 4 – 5 to be uploaded on portal (turnitin) as per deadlines indicated at each milestone (Summative Assessment). Milestone 1 (Week 2) Students to form groups of 3 to 4 members and inform the tutor to document the group initiation. Teams to convene an initial kick off meeting of your group in week 3. This meeting should produce a simple project plan to deliver against the milestones set out in the document. Create an activity log for your team meetings (this will be included for the formative assessment and as part of the portfolio for the summative assessment submission). Deadline: week 2 (during the tutorial) Word count: 250 Milestone 2 (week 4) The team must choose a project (from the options below) that will improve your organisations effectiveness. These could be efficiency improvements, such as improvement in service, new ways of working, even new products. Option 1: Solar Panels Installation or Enhancement Option 2: Knowledge Management System  Develop a justification for the area of improvement chosen (such as improvement in service, new ways of working, even new products.  Prepare the following analysis: Stakeholders Analysis, Risk Analysis, Constraints (Internal and External). Deadline: week 4 (during the tutorial) Word count: 250 Milestone 3 (week 5) Undertake a feasibility study for the chosen Project.  Develop a work breakdown structures  Develop costing for the project based on identifying (research required – prices should be based on realistic indicative figures) the main components that you will need to procure in order to carry out the project: ◦ Machinery ◦ Material, product, software, etc ◦ Manpower: (installers, experts, etc) Budget = £500,000 to £1million. Deadline: week 5 (during the tutorial) Word count: 5001. critical analysis – an appraisal based on careful analytical evaluation Milestone 4 (week 9) Deliver a detailed project plan showing the benefits to the organisation including:  Time-scale and risk.  Milestones 1, 2 and 3 deliverables.  Critical Path Analysis, Gantt chart, Communication Plan ◦ Word count: 2500 words (- or + 10%) ◦ Structure: report style ◦ The report is expected to reflect incorporating reading and research Milestone 5 (week 9) Presentation for teams As a team you are expected to deliver a 10 minutes power-point presentation to your sponsor (dates and timeslots will be released by your tutor during tutorial). As this assessment is relevant to your ability as project managers to deal with the challenges arising during the course of an oil and gas project life cycle – the following challenge arose during the project life cycle to which you are to develop a solution plan to be delivered in the 10 minutes presentation. The details are as follows: During the project life cycle communication problems persisted between the various parties involved, and particularly with the main stakeholder. Those issues started to negatively impact on the project execution and stakeholders involved – this particularly become more evident half way through the project life cycle. The breakdown in communication had its implications on knowledge management, cost, relationships and overall project efficiency. As a project manager develop an analysis of this problem, diagnose and propose a solution that reflects good management practice, research and knowledge. You are to consult with academic research in developing an understanding of this issue and possible solutions.  Classroom presentation to your sponsor: weeks 9 & 10 (you will be given a date and a time-slot by your tutor)  Time (per team): 10 minutes + 5 for questions. Recommended area of reading:  Projects Communication  Projects Collaboration  Integrative Framework  Dispute Resolution  Knowledge management Recommended Journals:  International Journal of Project Management  Construction Management and Economics  European Management Journal  Energy Policy  Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management the work is being done already, just need help to complete it and add more to it to make it worthy! need gannt chart, critical path analysis and proper budget done and other things.   Details : the project has been started just needs a professional touch and also gannt chart, critical path analysis etc needs to be done whole work needs to be brushed up on and finished Files : pmpx.docx