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Major Assignment: Securities-Market Registry System

The purpose of this assignment is to assess your progress towards attainment of a selection of the learning objectives as covered up to week 10, with an emphasis on topics of weeks 3 through 10. On successful completion of this assignment you should have demonstrated that you are able to: · Write a program consisting of multiple objects which interact with each other by following appropriate design practices · Write a program that provides the requested functionality for the system · Implement classes which have generalization relationships with other classes · Utilise polymorphism and abstraction techniques · Utilise appropriate collection classes in appropriate ways/places · Read data from and write data to text files · Handle exceptions by constructing try … catch blocks for appropriate circumstances · Create a JFrame and correctly use a JList component. Additionally, ITECH6100 students should be able to demonstrate that you are able to: · Write event handling code to respond to events generated by user actions · Read data from and write data to binary files The assignment may cause you to demonstrate that you have attained other learning objectives; the above list is not necessarily exhaustive. However, we are not expecting you to demonstrate attainment of learning objectives from week 11 onwards. The above items essentially form the criteria against which you will be assessed. ITECH2100/6100 (Programming 2) – Major Assignment Page 2 of 11 Overview of Assignment This assignment requires you to write an application that meets a list of provided functional and design requirements, utilising the concepts and techniques taught in this course. You will write your own classes that will create a text-menu based program which has a small GUI component as well. You will be required to develop your application using Java (preferably in the Eclipse IDE). You will need to add all your work to a zip file when you are finished and submit it on Moodle by the due date. You will also need to submit a report which will require some written information describing your system as well as addressing design and testing requirements which will be outlined below.