Emil Nedkov asked 3 years ago

You are employed as a trainer for Warrington networking solutions. You have been assigned to a local office called ESP solutions, you have offered your services to teach the staff of the benefits of the different types of networks and how they are constructed. ESP solutions currently employ over 250 members of staff. They have a single office based in Warrington and they operate on a 24 hours bases. The structure of the organisation is somewhat of a hierarchical structure. They have two CEO’s, four departments each with individually assigned heads of departments, managers, floor walkers, HR and claims handlers. They also have customer service and client liaison staff which manage the people walking in and around the buildings. The managers are particularly interested in what types of networks are available and the basic underpinning knowledge revolving around network fundamentals, including protocols, topologies and devices. The Information must be researched and produced so that people at various levels of experience can be told of this information before the network is installed and tested.   You will need to produce a report for the CEO that includes the following:   An introduction to provide an overview of your report.   An explanation of networking principles, protocols and devices, including benefits and constraints of networked solutions, the impact of network topology, communication and bandwidth requirements, the effectiveness of networking systems, operating principles of networking devices and server types and networking software. Is there anyone who can do this for me and how much it will cost?   Regards   Emil