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Library Research and Writing Skills


ASSESSMENT TASK 3: DESCRIPTION The essay is meant to help develop and test library research and writing skills. This will be your primary source of written feedback and a substantial piece of on course assessment. You should choose ONE (1) Essay Topic from the five below, for this individual piece of work (maximum 3,000 words. This essay represents a major piece of research and writing on an important topic dealing with the often very complex relationship between tourism and the environment. It contributes a total of 30% to your overall assessment in the subject. Your essay outline should consist of a series of headings and sub-headings with some notes associated with each one and the key references cited for each point you want to make or example you propose to use. The Tourism Program in the School of Business expects assignments to be formatted in the standard APA style. Examples of papers in this style can be seen in the Journal of Tourism Studies. The School of Earth & Environmental Sciences favours the similar Harvard or scientific system of citation and examples will be seen in the journal Australian Geographical Studies. I would expect you to cite at least 20 references from academic journal articles, books or appropriate reports in your essay. Sources must be fully acknowledged and where quotations are employed the page number as well as the other details should be given. The essay should show evidence of wide reading and careful analysis of issues. It is expected that appropriate examples to illustrate arguments will be drawn from the published literature. It should be an evidence-based piece of writing. Essay Topics (select ONE only) 1. The question of “tourism and conservation: conflict, coexistence or symbiosis” was first raised by Gerado Budowski in 1976. Since that time there has been considerable debate on this subject. Review arguments which support a favourable link between tourism and conservation and those which perceive conflict. Include in your discussion specific examples of developments that have attempted to improve the relationship between tourism and the environment, including eco-certification.