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Lecture Series

The lecture series will cover the scientific knowledge relating to function and dysfunction in several areas.  These can be summarised as follows   Term one Cardiovascular and Respiratory system Musculoskeletal system Gastrointestinal tract Central nervous system   Term two Atherosclerosis Tumour biology Renal Sepsis Immune system   Table 1.  Topics covered in term one and two lectures   For the this assessment you must individually produce four short essays (two lecture topics from term one and two lecture topics from term two) detailing the scientific knowledge relating to altered health states relevant to the lectures in Table 1.   You are free to choose which areas and disorders to cover from the lectures but you must cover two relevant to term one and a further two relating to term two.    Answers should cover the genetic, tissue, cellular, molecular and biochemical aspects of the disorder and should also touch upon diagnostic and treatment options where applicable.      Reviews should use prose and annotated figures with appropriate legends can be used to aid clarity. Max word count per review topic 750 words excluding references, figures, tables and short legends (i.e. 1500 words per submission). Figures should be hand drawn rather than lifted directly from sources as this shows a greater understanding of the topic.  All references should be cited in Harvard format (please see your notes from last year and the student handbook for details of the Harvard system).  Marks will be deducted for reviews that exceed the word limit and the total word count should be detailed at the end of each review.     Coursework will be marked using the following school’s generic marking criteria.  Content (40%), understanding (20%), use of literature (10%) and general communication skills (30%)