Maddox Smith Staff asked 5 years ago

Large Manufacturer

Gillette Company is large manufacturer of personal care products. The company was found in 1901 and was merged into Procter & Gamble in 2005. One has been supplied with the annual report of Gillette Company for the year 2003. Assuming one an investment analyst following Gillette one is required to capitalise on one ability to interpret financial numbers and any other relevant qualitative information in the company’s report to draw conclusions on the financial health and earnings power of Gillette. One is required to present oen analysis and conclusions in an executive report ( maximum  1500 words including appnedixes and refernces where one would also comment on features that one is consider significant. Guiding questions:Calculate  the profitability, liquidity asset management and long term  solvency  ratios for Gillette Company. What do the ratios tell you about Gillette Company’s financial position  and performance? What additional information would you like to have to better analyse  Gillette’s  financial statements? What are the major risks and advantages / oppurtinities