Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Java Coursework Consist of Deliverable

Java Coursework consist of Deliverable A,B,C and final deliverable,I have already Deliverable A,B,C solved .The deadline soon for this coursework. So I will upload Document with all the requirements to complete this coursework. I will upload as well all the solved tasks that I have done already , so basically you will need to organise all the files together . Very important to read the requirements sheet and do exactly and on paper , There should be PDF version which contains all the code for all the coursework stages , screenshots of program while testing e.t. and also Report for at least 1000-1500 words . this should be as one PDF file . and also zip file that contains all the classes all the programs so the tutor can open it and run it on NEtbeans e.t. But I am sure you will know better what to do after reading the requirements papers .Most of the work is complete , All I need is Report for up to 1500 words and complete Stage 5 and 6 ,Organise all this as required , Please note Word Doc File uploaded contains all the requirements.