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ITECH2100 / ITECH6100 Securities-Market Registry System


The purpose of this assignment is to assess your progress towards attainment of a selection of the learning objectives as covered up to week 10, with an emphasis on topics of weeks 3 through 10. On successful completion of this assignment you should have demonstrated that you are able to: · Write a program consisting of multiple objects which interact with each other by following appropriate design practices · Write a program that provides the requested functionality for the system · Implement classes which have generalization relationships with other classes · Utilise polymorphism and abstraction techniques · Utilise appropriate collection classes in appropriate ways/places · Read data from and write data to text files · Handle exceptions by constructing try … catch blocks for appropriate circumstances · Create a JFrame and correctly use a JList component. Additionally, ITECH6100 students should be able to demonstrate that you are able to: · Write event handling code to respond to events generated by user actions · Read data from and write data to binary files