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Interpret The Average Rate

The number of guests g in a water park t hours after 9 am is given by   g(t) = –25t2 + 380t + 400 for  0  t  8.  (t = 0 corresponds to 9 am) Find and interpret the average rate of change of g over the interval {t | 3  t  7}  = [3, 7].   Show work.          2.  (20 pts) Luke wants to purchase custom-made mugs to advertise his business. Two companies offer different deals:           Company A:  Pay a design fee of $37.00, plus $4.50 per mug     or    Company B:  Pay a design fee of $100.00, plus $3.20 per mug      (a) State a linear function f (x) that represents Company A’s total charge for an order of x mugs.            (b) State a linear function g(x) that represents Company B’s total charge for an order of x mugs.          (c) Luke wants to purchase 120 custom-made mugs, as cheaply as possible. With which        company should he place his order?           (d) For what number of mugs is the total charge exactly the same for both companies?       work/explanation.        (e) Fill in the blanks:  Company A is the cheaper option if  ________ mugs are ordered.   3. (6 pts)  Which of the following equations does the graph represent?      A. =− +4  B. = −4    C. = +4   D. = +4              4. (12 pts) Consider the points (– 4, 1company should he place his order? Show work/explanation. (