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Interdisciplinary Ethics

Students are to choose one person/character in the case study and write this assignment from the professional position of that person. Students are then to use ONE ethical decision-making model from the literature provided to identify how they would determine the competing ethical dimensions or principles inherent in the case, what professional positions and values are demonstrated by key stakeholders, what resources would be required to assist a decision-making process, what alternative courses of action are available, and what decision should ultimately be made about what to do. Justification should be provided for the final decision. The assignment should conclude with a personal reflection on the dynamics of interdisciplinary professional ethics. NB: This assignment should be written in first person.   . What are the available courses of action now that I have gathered knowledge and information and considered the range of value positions? (accountability) . On what basis will I make this decision and how will I justify my actions? (accountability) . Am I missing other alternatives, and how can I be sure that I have weighed up all the options? Who can I talk to about this and can someone else play ‘devils advocate’ to help me clarify my position? (consultation) . Are any of these options culturally discriminatory or insensitive? (cultural sensitivity) . How do I feel about the decision I have come to, and is there anything I need to do differently? Can I live with this decision and can I justify it if called upon? How do I implement and document this decision? (critical reflection;   accountability) . What have I learnt from this situation about the way I make decisions and have I changed my behavior from previous decision-making patterns? (critical reflection) . Do I feel confident that I acted in a culturally sensitive manner throughout the process or were there any aspects of culture that I neglected to explore? (cultural sensitivity) 46 MCAULIFFE & CHENOWETH Downloaded by [Griffith University] at 01:43 25 October 2014 . Did I use consultation and support wisely, and who did I choose to talk with about the ethical dilemma? Were there others that I could, or should, have contacted for information? (consultation) . Are there issues that I need to bring attention to in relation to deficits in organizational policies/procedures, ethical codes or other processes that impact negatively on service users? At the end of the day, can I own my decision and confidently discuss my actions and take responsibility for my own part in the decision-making process? (accountability