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Information Systems

The purpose of this assignment is to select a topic related to information systems in healthcare from the list provided, research and analyze the topic, and describe how you will apply your newfound knowledge to your nursing practice. COURSE OUTCOMES This assignment enables the student to meet one or more of the following Course Outcomes depending upon the topic selected: CO#1: Describe patient-care technologies as appropriate to address the needs of a diverse patient population. (PO#1)CO#2: Analyze data from all relevant sources, including technology, to inform the delivery of care. (PO#2)CO#3: Define standardized terminology that reflects nursing’s unique contribution to patient outcomes. (PO#3)CO#4: Investigate safeguards and decision-making support tools embedded in patient care technologies and information systems to support a safe practice environment for both patients and healthcare workers. (PO#4)CO#5: Identify patient care technologies, information systems, and communication devices that support safe nursing practice. (PO#5)CO#6: Discuss the principles of data integrity, professional ethics, and legal requirements related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and client’s right to privacy. (PO#6)CO#7: Examine the use of information systems to document interventions related to achieving nurse sensitive outcomes. (PO#7)CO#8: Discuss the value of best evidence as a driving force to institute change in delivery of nursing care. (PO#8)POINTSThis assignment is worth a total of 200 points.DUE DATEYour completed paper is due at the end of Week 4. Submit it to the Dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. MT. Post your questions to the weekly Q & A Forum. Contact your instructor if you need additional assistance. See the Course Policies regarding late assignments and academic integrity. Failure to submit your paper to the Dropbox on time will result in a deduction of points.TOPICSSelect ONE of these topics for the focus of your paper:•    Standard terminologies (CO3, CO8)•    Decision-making support tools (CO4, CO8)•    Patient education technology (CO5, CO8)•    Data integrity, legal and ethical implications (CO7, CO8)DIRECTIONS1.    You are to research, analyze, and write an APA-formatted scholarly paper about the topic that you have selected. 2.    Write an introduction that defines and describes the topic. Address what purpose the topic