Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Industry Report

Complete a major industry report on one of the forms of niche tourism products that we have focused on this semester. The focus of your topic is up to you however it is expected that your report would consider some of the following areas.  Who are the different stakeholders involved in this form of tourism? For example consumers, communities, industry enterprises, governments, non-government organisations.  Who are the consumers participating in this form of tourism and what are their motivations?  Provide a critique of the different types of products that are available for consumers in this area.  Assess the potential impacts – both positive and negative – of the development of this form of tourism?  What are the future challenges for this form of tourism?  What recommendations would you suggest to ensure that this form of tourism continues to grow? You will be expected to use a wide range of resources for your assignments, including industry documents, strategic plans and research reports.