Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Individual Student Effort

This assessment is allocated 20% of the total marks for this course. This represents approximately 30 to 36 hours of individual student effort and the standard of the submission should reflect this. Tasks should be completed with reference to the Reflective Writing Guide and the Marking Criteria, which are both available on StudyDesk. Tasks such as the Personal Learning Goals should be commenced early in the course.   There is no specific word limit, however there is a need to be clear and concise. Breakdown of Assessment Tasks For this Portfolio you will submit four Tasks in the one document. Task 1 introduces you to how and why we paraphrase and reference; Task 2 has you create a number of personal learning goals that you will endeavour to meet this semester; Task 3 starts you reflecting on leadership and teamwork; and Task 4 has you choose a design area (refer Table 1). Each Task has a number of questions you will have to answer in order to complete this Portfolio. Figure 1 shows a key to the icons used throughout this document to help you find the various sections.