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Independant Research

Statement of purpose: To give students the opportunity to independently recognise and report on observations of exogenic landforms. Description of what students are to do: Research the geological and climatic settings, as well as, landforms and geomorphic processes of a field area near their home or area they are familiar with. Research is to be conducted with both independent and background work. Students are to then present their research findings in a technical report. Statement of requirements to complete task: Submit completed technical report (maximum of 6 pages) following the generalized structure provided, with appropriate illustrations and/or photos. Assessment criteria: This assignment is worth 15% of your total grade. It will be marked based on technical writing, quality and depth of historical and independent research, correct format and style, and timeliness of submitted work. Please see “Rubric” for greater detail. Issued date: Sept 9th Due date: Nov 3rd by 9:00 am Note: No late work will be permitted unless an extension has been granted prior to due date. Introduction This assignment provides you with the opportunity to enhance your independent observations of landscape elements and processes in the field. Where to start? For this exercise, you are encouraged to study the landscape of an area near your home or preferably somewhere you know reasonably well. Every landscape is composed of several landforms/elements of variable scales. The area should be about 5 km by 5 km in size so that landforms of the meso-scale can be identified. If the area is particularly featureless, for example, the Riverine Plain, then you might consider expanding your area. Some areas are a bit more straightforward than others. The landscape features of coastal areas and hilly country are more obvious than those on plains. However, every area on Earth has a landscape and landscape history, so there are landforms everywhere! To start this project you should define the location and boundaries for your landscape report.