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Impact of Women Working

Question #1 (One family, two incomes):  Research the impact of women working outside the home. Question: In what ways has the increased prevalence of women working outside the home impacted domestic life, especially with regards to notions of the “time crunch”? Things to consider: How has the family changed over the few six decades? As the family has changed, what social, cultural, and political effects has it had on the family structure?   Question # 2 (Same-sex couples): Research the family life of same-sex couples before and after the legalization of homosexual marriage in Canada. Do these forms of families still face challenges related to their sexual orientation? To answer this question you will need to answer: What are the political, legal, economic, social, and cultural struggles that culminated in the legalization of homosexual marriage in Canada? Which of these struggles still remain and which were overcome? Finally, discuss the challenges to family life that still exist for same-sex couples by providing details about why the struggles exist and how they are experienced.   Question #3 (Social construction of the family): Is the family a social construct? If so, how? To answer this question you will need to answer: What is a social construct? What are the main ideas, concepts, or arguments of social constructionism? *Hint*: You could approach this paper by researching the various historical or cultural definitions of the family (who lives under one roof), the associated defining family roles within the dwelling, and explain how these have changed across time or cultures within Canada. Another possible way to approach this would be to focus on gender roles within the family.   Question #4 (Aboriginal history): Question: What socio structural/historical/personal factors have led to the disproportionate representation of Aboriginal women in one of these areas: domestic violence, poverty or prostitution? To answer this question you will need to answer: What social/cultural history are Aboriginal women bringing into 2015? What structural, historical, or personal factors currently exist that perpetuate the situation for Aboriginal women? In what way do they feed off each other to continue the cycle?  Question #5 (Domestic Violence): Research the concept of the social construction of either masculinity or femininity as it pertains to domestic violence. Question: How could the social construction of either gender account for the rise in domestic violence (e.g. dating and courtship violence or partner abuse)? To answer this question you will need to answer: What is the social construction of masculinity or femininity? What social/cultural forces at work for women and men that contribute to domestic violence? Is there a correlation SOCIOLOGY OF THE FAMILY – WINTER 2017  3  between the social construction of masculinity or femininity and society’s perception towards domestic violence? Elaborate.  Question #6 (Homelessness): Research commonly held beliefs about homelessness by answering the following questions: What role does mental illness play in contributing to Canada’s homeless epidemic? How did deinstitutionalization of mental care over the past few decades, combined with a lack economic opportunities and support systems for the homeless, lead to the current situation? How might we address the “cycle of homelessness” and what is meant by this term?   Question # 7 (Childhood Poverty): Research the causes of childhood poverty and explore the impacts on children.  What, if any, are the long-lasting effects on a child who has grown up in poverty? What price might Canadian society pay for not addressing child poverty? What can be done to change the situation?