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Identification of Appropriate Research Designs

Section 1: Identification of appropriate research designs (500 words) Using the question from assignment 1 (or an amended version) and scholarly literature to support your discussion, identify and explain: The type of question you are asking The most suitable research design to answer this question Any ethical considerations that would need to be addressed in order to carry out such a study. Section 2: Evaluation of a research article (1000 words) Find an original research article (ie NOT a review) that provides evidence to answer the question. Using the scholarly literature to support your work, answer the following questions: What is the study design used in the article? What methods did the researcher/s use to collect and analyse their data, and why? What are the key findings of the study? How do these findings help to answer your clinical question, considering your population and practice setting? Include a screenshot of the first page of the article, including the abstract (NOT the database abstract) in your assignment as an appendix.