Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Human Rights and Social Advocacy

write a critical essay on the need to balance rights and responsibilities in the human rights discourse. Jim Ife (2010) states: Accepting a framework of rights cannot imply simply a selfish attitude on the part of the individual, claiming her/his own rights while remaining indifferent to the rights of others. There is a corresponding obligation on every member of the society to respect and support other people’s rights” (p. 154). Conduct a literature review on the need to balance ‘rights’ and ‘obligations’ in contemporary Australia. Your review should include a discussion of the ‘rights’ and ‘obligations’ of individuals and governments as key players in the human rights discourse. Drawing on theoretical insights, academic research and current media reports, the review should evaluate the extent to which these two key players have been able to balance their ‘rights’ with their ‘obligations’ towards others and society. For example, religious groups have always asserted the ‘right’ to practice their religious beliefs freely and without discrimination; however, it has often been argued that religious groups impinge on the rights of others, even while claiming human rights for themselves. Your literature review should explore this and other relevant debates around ‘rights’ and ‘obligations’.