Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

HSYP804 Health Law Policy Module

Policy Reform Assessment Task

S1 2018


The Assessment Plan has a strict word limit of 500 words, excluding footnote references. There is no need to provide a Bibliography for the Assessment Plan. The due date and time for this assessment task is Tuesday 13th March 2018 by 4.00pm. Any work submitted after this time will be accounted as a late submission which will attract 5% marks deduction for every day of lateness.


Compliance with AGLC3 Referencing style guide is required for the Assessment Plan and and the Written Assessment Task. While you will not be penalized for referencing mistakes, adherence to the AGLC3 reference guide will likely earn you higher marks.

In addition, please note that the AGLC3 reference guide is a footnote style and not an in-text or endnote referencing style. Footnotes will not count towards the word-limit, but should generally be restricted to referencing primary and secondary sources. Discussion placed in footnotes that is unnecessary or that should have been placed in the body of your answer will lead to reduced marks.