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Homicide Scenario

Part A: Homicide scenario   Total Word Count for Part A is 1500 Words (no more than 10% over is acceptable or will be read by your marker) Investigations relating to suspicious deaths are very challenging. In most cases there are a number of potential crime scenes and within each there are management issues that must concern the investigator. This question is designed to get you to think about the fact that not only must preliminary decisions be made as to the containment of evidence, but you must make certain that the integrity of evidence is not compromised, at the same time make decisions as to where the potential evidence lies and take steps to ensure it is managed appropriately, bearing in mind the legal rules in your jurisdiction. Often during this preliminary time, distraught witnesses will want to be heard and in some cases the suspect might still be at the scene. In many of these cases witnesses (who, for this exercise can be treated as mini crime scenes) are situated together and are most likely speaking with each other as regards their recollections of the incident. To this end, eyewitness memory issues and contamination are very important to bear in mind. Draw from your investigative experiences in relation to a homicide and critically analyse how crime scene control decisions were made and how they impacted on or guided investigative decisions throughout the rest of the investigation.