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Higher Grading Criteria

Higher Grading CriteriaTo achieve Merit M1. An effective approach to research has been applied in your understanding of implemented policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice in significance to your own work in health and social care.

To achieve Merit M2. You must show that you have used a range of source of information to around different psychological theories that underpin and govern health care practitioners working in health and social care setting.

Task 5 – Portfolio

This assessment aims to demonstrate progress, personal and professional development on the contribution and implementation of health and social care organisation policy.

Based on your work placement/experience working in a health and social care, create a folder, record and collect your findings.

Job Title
Health & Social Care Sector
My role and Responsibilities atMy performance ObjectivesAreas of recommendation of my work
work  (4.1)(strengths and weakness of my(i.e. SWOT) to ensure good practice.
contribution at work) – (4.2)(4.3)
My Roles and Responsibilities
at work:
My Accountability at work:
My Duties at work:

Use the above table as a guide in completing your portfolio for the following questions below.

Q9. Create your portfolio based on your experience working in health care sector; Explain your role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties when working with those within and outside the health and social care workplace. Evaluate own contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy. [AC4.1] [AC4.2]

Q10. In ensuring you meet good practice requirement; make recommendations to develop on your own contributions. [AC4.3]

Higher Grading Descriptor

Higher Grading Criteria

To achieve Distinction D2- Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated in preparing your portfolio on your work-experience own contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organisational policy.

Note: Task 5 is linked with Unit 23- Employability Skills LO1 Be able to determine own responsibilities and performance (Ac1.1/1.2/1.3)

Task 5 will be assessed in the second year with Unit 23- Employability Skills- LO1.

Unit 2 : Principles of Health & Social Care (A/Brief)Aug 201610

Year 1 students complete Task 1-4. Students who have completed Unit 23 speak to tutor for more guidance for unit 2- LO4. A grade of 5 would be awarded if all pass assessment criteria have been achieved for Task 1-4 pending evidence submitted for unit 2 (AC4.1, 4.2 and 4.3)

Students who have completed their work experience can carry on with Task 5 and complete the whole assignment.

Essential Requirement

In this assignment you will be given time to develop your knowledge, skills and abilities in health and social care by gaining adequate knowledge in your work-experience in health and social care sector in addition to academic insight on principles and management in health and social care.