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3.1 Existing Systems  At its head-office in Darwin, AusEd technical staff maintain an accounting system running proprietary  MYOB software, a customer relationship management system using open source SugarCRM software,  and an email system based on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.  Maintained externally for AusEd by Pacific Systems Pty Ltd in Dunedin, New Zealand, is a learning  management system based on the open source Moodle system and a proprietary student management  system called Banner.  3.2 Technology plan Following are technological developments which AusEd believes will assist to achieve its strategic  objectives;  3.2.1 Project “Off-line Moodle” Develop an add-on to Moodle such that students can maintain on personal computers (running any of  MS Windows, Mac OS or Linux Ubuntu operating systems) local databases of Moodle discussion  forums (ie. a local database is always updatable and synced with a centralised database when an  Internet connection is available)  3.2.2 Project “Photo Exam” Develop an add-on to Moodle such that students can complete exams on personal computers (running  any of MS Windows, Mac OS or Linux Ubuntu operating systems) and be photographed at regular  intervals by the computer’s on-board camera. The photographs must include a reliable timestamp and  be kept securely until transferred to a central location whenever an Internet connection is established. 3.2.3 Project “Accounting System Replacement” Stage 1: Analyse AusEd’s requirements for an accounting system and produce necessary  documentation. Stage 2: Review open source accounting systems, short-list and assess 3 to 5 possibilities, and  implement the chosen system (perhaps after significant modification if such is considered necessary).  Review the relative benefits of running the system on an in-house server and externally maintained  server.