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Finish an Android Application – Eclipse in JAVA


The application is ~ 80 % done. Please see attached the Project file. Need to implement a few features: Change the view records page to be a list- Ordered by Date Be able to Export this list as a PDF and save on the SD CARD Generate a CSV file of the information saved in the SQL database in the specification given. Bug fixing.  Finish an Android Application – Eclipse in JAVA    The program is bascically a record keeping app. The use can enter 3 types of Data  – Drink, Wee and Nappy Weight. As you can see when they enter Drink  we record the time and the details of thier drink, likewise with wee and nappy weight. This information is viewable from the view record page. I need this page to be in a table ordered by Date, then time. Like this: The user should be able to save this table as a PDF on the SD card. Using the information in the Database the user has an option to create a CSV (comma seperated value) file that is also stored on the SD card in this format:   e.g., if a patient drinks 100mL of water at 10:01 AM on the 13th of October 2014, the output in the .csv file should be as follows:1, 2014-11-13 10:01, 100,0   e.g., if a pees  150mL of water at 09:00 AM on the 14th of October 2014, the output in the .csv file should be as follows: 1, 2014-11-14 09:00, 0,150 The values are: id:                     The ID for the time-volume record (this can an internal ID for your application, it will not be used by our system)date & time:       The date and time when the record took place in the format “yyyy-mm-dd”drinkvolume:     The volume of fluid consumed in mLurinevolume:     The volume of fluid relieved in mL   There is also a Bug in which if a user selects to put in thier own time instead of clicking use current time, the current time still gets recorded, this also needs to be fixed, as well as any other bugs you may find.