Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Family Law
John and Jane registered their marriage on 1 January 2014 and they have no children born to the marriage. John now comes to consult the lawyer in the firm you work at and his instructions are that he was dating Jane prior to their registration for almost 10 years and they also stayed together for 3 years. However, since the registration of their marriage, Jane changed so much that she refused to consummate their marriage despite his attempts on several occasions. John also instructs you that whenever he tried to consummate their marriage, Jane would say that she was tired and ignored him completely. He is so upset with Jane’s attitude to him since their registration although she was loving and caring to him before the registration throughout the period of time they live together as a couple too. Furthermore, whenever John tried to initiate sexual intercourse with Jane, she would also claim that she did not want children now and say that until she was ready to have children, John should stop harassing her. John has given up hope and now wants to proceed to end the marriage. Kindly advise John on his options taking into account the duration of his marriage, including advising him on the difference between an application under Sections 106 and 95(3) of the Women’ Charter.