Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Experts in Molecular Biology

We have my final an assignment that We need to submit on Tuesday, and we are looking for someone who is experts in Molecular Biology and he knows everything about it. We need to use academic articles . Do not use academic words because I am non native speaker As a part of research project to investigate the role of autophagy in a neurodegenerative disease, you are working with a mouse model of the disease that also expresses GFP–‐LC3. Limit your response to no more than three Pages. Outline the rationale for using this animal model by answering the following: 1. Why is LC3 is a useful protein to use in studies that monitor autophagy? 2. What purpose does GFP–‐LC3 serve in your study? 3. Describe three different ways that autophagic flux can be altered and how Each condition impacts GFP–‐LC3.? 4. You find the rate of autophagic flux is less efficient in the diseased mice Than control wild type mice. What therapeutic approaches would you Consider using to remediate this?