Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Evaluating An Existing Quality Management Process ’ Ability to Meet an GIGA PRODUCTION’s Overall Strategic Management Objectives

GPRO, and its sister company and marketing agency GIGANOVA (GNOV), is very successful in the POS area of marketing, which is shown by an almost 25% year-to-year growth in turnovers within the last five years. In addition to this growth in turnovers, the number of customers, the number of yearly accomplished marketing campaigns and the amount of needed staff also increased.

For GPRO, the current quality management process is mostly based on flowchart diagrams and organisational diagrams. These tools encouraged active and effective leadership within the senior management and empower the company’s middle and lower management by providing clear and understandable guidelines enabling them to take responsibility for every part of the production and logistics process.

These responsibilities also ensure a continuous focus on quality problems within manufacturing and distribution. Furthermore, the flowchart is broken down, thereby providing team leaders with a fixed timeframe for the delivery of all tasks.

Both tools have enabled GPRO to succeed in meeting its overall management targets. However, the growth of the company, as shown at the beginning of this chapter, is also a major issue for the existing QM processes. To meet the increased needs and preferences of the organisation’s customers in the future, and to meet the organisation’s core objective of being a major leader in the field of POS marketing, a strategic change in quality management is necessary.