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Effectiveness and Efficacy of the Therapies

This part of the case study seeks to highlight conditions and tips that may necessitate the effectiveness of the aforementioned therapy. It is important to note that the post-traumatic stress condition has a great potential for self-destructive and reckless behavior (Mayo Clinic, 20170. It may further cause exaggerated startle responses and trigger irritability and aggressiveness. The effectiveness of the aforementioned psychological interventions and theories of psychology depends primarily on the client’s effort and time. It also depends on the ability to adhere strictly to the recommended and prescribed clinical measures. This case study supports that the therapies will work best when the client attends to all the scheduled psychiatric appointments. The effectiveness of the therapy will further rely on the client’s active participation. As part of the therapy, the client will identify the sources of stress by keeping a journal of characterizations, signs, and a note of stressful responses or improvements in her psychological condition(s) (Mayo Clinic, 2017). The client will further require restructuring her priorities by emphasizing more on both effective and helpful behavior. The client will be required to make time for pleasurable and recreational activities to enable her to reconnect with past life’s experiences. The psychical activities may include; hiking, traveling, visiting museums, and libraries. If possible, pleasurable activities may capture attending shows, live comedy, and constructive forums. Acrucial part of ensuring the efficacy of the aforementioned therapies would be to communicate and convey information to a trusted person and keep a journal of any improvements. Communication helps to share information and in the process ease the underlying emotional and psychological burden that results from experiencing both the internalizing feelings.