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Ecommerce System


 E-business or E—commerce is a technique of modern business, which means electronic commerce that helps any organization buying and selling products online. In other word, we can say that it helps the organization in various ways, such as-: it reduces the cost of organization, cost in the sense that organization expenses a lot in manually system in comparison to electronically operated system. This e-business plan also helps the organization in improving the quality of goods and services; it helps in fast delivery of products. In other words, the definition of e-commerce is paperless exchange of e-business. E-business makes easy sharing of information from person to person with the help of communication channels or networks. E-business websites provides the facility of all information at one place available for user. It helps in managing business activities across the globe. This E-business provides facility to various levels of people within the organization, or in other words, we can say that organization itself. Now a days as every businesspersons want to expand their business in the whole world and for that, they want to setup e-business, so more and more people purchase the items of their organization while sitting at home. In addition, the profit of the organization is increased in this way. But one main thing that the organization worries about the security of the e-business that how to secure the e-business from the internal or external threat of the organization. now a days as the e-business are expanding at a large scale so to provide security the organizations are following lot of security measures for their e-business.   2.0 Introduction This report consist the information about the security of an e-commerce system. That how to secure the e-commerce system. As we know that under the e-commerce system, the organization sells their product online and the customer purchase those products online by paying the cost of the product online with the help of credit card or debit card. Therefore, at the time when the customer makes their transactions it may or may not be possible that the details get hacked by hackers. Therefore, to reduce the chance or we may say to stop the chance of hacking details due to occurrence of various threats its necessary to take various security steps to secure the details of organization as well as customers. Therefore, the more and more customers may make transactions from the organization and alternate it helps in increasing the profit of the organization also. In this way in simple we can say that our report consist of various security issues and the steps to secure the e-business organization. That what all are the various steps that the e-business may follow to secure their organizational system from the internal or external threats. 3.0Objective The objective of the report is to discuss the various security threats and to provide the information about the various security measures in order to secure the e-business organizations. 4.0 Scope The scope of the requirements includes various steps-: ·         Analysis of various security issues ·         Point needs to remember in order to provide safety to e-commercial organisation ·         Implementation of those security measures ·         Maintenance of security measures after implementation