Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Documentary Projects

Provides students the opportunity to give feedback to their peers, and to receive Feedback from their peers, in the form of constructively expressed criticism showing their understanding of what was relayed or communicated in the documentary projects. This task consists of individual responses to the film projects produced by the other groups in your tutorial. Students are advised to divide the word count for the task by the number of projects in the tutorial other than their own, and produce responses of that word count for each project each one of around 375 words). • The objective here is to articulate, in response to the work of others, what you have learned throughout the course – that is, you should be able to reflect critically but supportively on both the technical processes the film-makers have brought to bear, and the sociological insight you think they have demonstrated through their films. You may wish to draw on the literature in assessing the films, and you are strongly encouraged to consider how the lecture content from the fifth lecture on can be related to the films. You should also aim to express what you believe the film-makers have gotten across to you, what you found valuable or enjoyed about how they did this, and things you think could be improved in how they went about the project. Exposition and analysis of sociological phenomena you feel the film addressed; demonstrated familiarity with the literature and course content in expressing your assessment of the film; persuasive and insightful evaluation of the film; tone appropriate to the medium; engagement with the film and with the responses of others (where appropriate); including engagement with the film as an aesthetic artefact, an expressive medium, and a technical accomplishment.