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Discussion and Professional Portfolio

Write a discussion paper identifying strategies used to assess knowledge and competence in the workplace and the principles and challenges associated with giving feedback to staff after assessments. In order to be able to complete this assessment you are required to: ·         In consultation with your Manager, negotiate to undertake a competency assessment of a staff member incorporating feedback on their performance ·         Arrange for a senior staff member (clinical nurse specialist /clinical or nurse educator / clinical nurse consultant or NUM) to observe you undertaking the assessment and to provide you with feedback about your performance as an assessor ·         Ask the staff member whom you assessed to provide you with feedback about your performance   Your paper should incorporate the following points: ·         Describe the process/procedures/ strategies that you used to assess knowledge and competence. ·         Justify your choice of method /s and discuss the major advantages and disadvantages of this method with reference to published literature. ·         Explain any challenges that occurred when conducting the assessment and suggest strategies to overcome these ·         Discuss the feedback you received from the senior staff member as well as the person you assessed. ·         Identify personal goals and strategies to further develop your confidence, competence and credibility as a clinical teacher / assessor   Part 2 ·         Using the information and evidence gathered in Part 1 of this task, add evidence to your professional portfolio (template provided) in alignment with the relevant standard or competency domain.