Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Describe The Changes in Climate

Write examination question that you hope to answer it from the Digram. Do not include the anthroponcy in this. For example for the question you could talk about it (it is not necessary): What are the uncertainties when unpredicting global climate change? Describe the digram that I provide and use the part that I looking to describe it. You do not have to describe the Whole digram, describe part of it. I would like to talk about the proxy reconstruction. – introduce the digram – what is shows – How things stick together – Look at the proxy data, what proxy being used and its limitation. use the articles for describe the different in climate changes proxies. you may look to other articles from the digram to support your ideas. make it simple and use transition words. no need to reference. Make the introduction simple.   The Idea is understand the articles AND write question that YOU hope to answer it. The question should be in the Introduction.   Please Do not mention for the colors or the witers, just answer you question that you understand it from the articles to describe there part in the diagram.