Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Decision of Trial Court

Legal question:The issue, in this case, is whether seeking of the paternity establish by blood test is favorable for to claim or not.Decision of trial court:The trial admitted the blood test and scheduled the matter for hearing based on what is the best interest of the child.Court’s address to the particular issues:The court concluded that:1.    Mother and the appellant, the claimed biological father engaged in sex at that time during Amanda’s conception.2.    The mother may have used birth prevention method during Amanda’s conception.3.    Mother and husband married and was not separated.4.    Mother kept Amanda out of the community, forming a relation between Amanda and the appellant.5.    Husband demonstrated attitude remaining lack of sympathy towards mother and children.The court decision of the fact:The court acknowledged the issue with the fact and admitted the grant of the blood test claiming 99.99% chance to be Amanda’s father. By the admission of the documents, the court discovered some legitimacy between Amanda and the appellant. Upon deciding the fact that the court admitted blood test report, the court also directed for a hearing based on what is best for the child.