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Debates in Business Management

Contemporary debates in business management.You must choose one topic from the five that have been debated and, building upon the group work that you have done for the critical thinking summary, produce a 2000 word ‘Critical Thinking Assignment’ that identifies the types of argument made and introduces your own research on the topic before presenting an evaluative judgment. This is an individual piece of work. Present your three chosen group thinking summaries together with your individual critical thinking assignment to be summatively assessed against all learning outcomes for this module, which are:  Knowledge and understanding of some of the current debates in one of the key topics, and of the underlying principles and concepts associated with them.  An understanding of the role and value of the presentation, evaluation, and interpretation of a variety of data and the development of lines of argument in making sound judgments in accordance with the basic theories and concepts of business.  An ability to communicate the results of your study through structured and coherent argument.  Personal responsibility for drawing conclusions based on complex arguments and diverse information.  Academic underpinning for the topic area and skills, processing and practice of a debate.  To complete the module successfully you will need to have demonstrated that you have met all of these learning outcomes. They will be marked against the University’s assessment criteria, which can be found in the left navigation on Sunspace titled: Marking/Feedback Criteria My topic is:“Organizations must Innovate to Survive and Thrive…?”