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Data Requirement Brief

SECTION A   Cross sectional data A1       Variable Definition This section about DRB(Data Requirement Brief). The variable of these data collected is turnover of two sectors: Sector 52: Retail Trade and Sector 11: Extraction of Crude Petroleum. Those companies are random choose as the sample of group of retail trade and extraction of crude petroleum as well. Those turnover is collected on FAME(n.d., 2013) (Financial Analysis Made Easy) as thousand pound(GBP).         Figure 1.       A2       Findings from the analysis ß Figure 1 shows the comparative box plot of those two sectors Retail Trade and Extraction of Crude Petroleum. Overall, from data shows in the figure, it clearly shows the difference between two sectors. The turnover of Extraction of Crude Petroleum is much higher than Retail Trade. In Extraction of Crude Petroleum, the highest turnover is more than 40000000 thousands pound, meanwhile Retail Trade highest is 18000000 thousands pound, Extraction of Crude Petroleum is twice times higher than Retail Trade. However, the difference between turnover of these companies in the Extraction of Crude Petroleum is also larger than Retail Trade, the range of turnover of Extraction of Crude Petroleum is 43328678 thousands pound, it higher than Retail Trade (18114333 thousands pound). From the difference in turn over can conclude that the difference level of Extraction Of Crude Petroleum is greater.   SECTION B   Time series data B1       Variable Definition This section portrays the time series data of the share price of The Carphone Warehouse Group PLC in 2013 from 21st October 2013 to 15th November 2013. This time series data is made up of collected data overtime regular, time series data gather as a key way of monitoring performance, those data will records thing like daily sales, monthly stock levels, and quarter profit, and it important for business (Buglear, 2012).   Figure 2. B2       Findings from the analysis