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Creative Collobaration

Due Date   End of week eleven: Sunday 2 November 2014 11:59pm   Aims/Objectives   To critically examine collaboration within a creative context through a policy and crowd funding approach.   Assessment Description   700-750 word mini essay.   Examine the Kickstarted/Pozzible/Indigogo campaign selected and discuss the potential connection (or lack thereof) between policy frameworks (in terms of funding, support and institutions) and the success of this project.   Connect the success of the project with one or two of the key points that Jenkins describes as important for creating spreadable media       Analyse and reflect on the extent to which ‘place’ mattered for the success of the selected campaign and suggestions for improvement based on Jenkins’s spreadable media hypothesis       You are engaging with academic and non-academic research.       Assessment Requirements   The assessment is required to be submitted via Turnitin.    Assessment Criteria   1. Outstanding well written critical and creative analysis of the implications of policy issues on creative practice. That is you have clearly presented a well-articulated argument about the connection between policy for creative practice and how projects get done.   2. Critical and creative analysis of the selected project within the context of one of Jenkins points about spreadable media.   3. Outstanding well written critical and creative analysis of the implications of place to crowdfunding with suggestions for how this may have been improved (beyond simply opinion).   4. Engaging with an appropriate amount of academic and non-academic sources and referencing correctly using APA.