Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Corporate Culture

Based on what you have learned about the term ‘corporate culture’ and from the information in the GM Culture Crisis article, describe your understanding of the term ‘corporate culture’ and the role that it plays in an organization.2.    It is obvious from the article that the corporate culture at GM needs to be rebuilt. Do you believe that Human Resources play a role in rebuilding the culture? If so, what is their role and where would you begin? (i.e. employee level, management level, executive leadership level, or CEO level).  If not, why not and who’s role is it?3.    Should the new corporate culture reflect GM’s business strategy? If so, how does the leader of Human Resources gain a ‘seat at the table’ to understand GM’s business strategy?4.    Reflect on the topics that we covered throughout the semester, what are the main Human Resource issues that are evident in the GM article? Please describe the issues and provide an example from the article.5.    The article’s author, Tim Kuppler, discusses culture recommendations from the Volukas Report. The majority of these recommendations discuss changes in safety protocols. Looking at this from a Human Resources perspective, what other recommendations would you have to transform the GM culture? Provide 5 recommendations. Be specific by describing what