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Contact Tracing in Epidemiology

1. What is notifiable disease? Mention website/s where you can find information about notifiable diseases in Australia (5 marks)  2. What are the signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis? What is the disease burden of TB (e.g. incidence, prevalence, mortality) in Australia?  (5 marks)  3. What is contact tracing in epidemiology? Mention the recommended steps for contact tracing for TB in Australia (5 + 10 = 15 marks)   4. A student at a secondary school in a small community has been diagnosed with smear positive pulmonary TB while being hospitalized. The news has been published in a local newspaper. There has been considerable anxiety in the local community and parents of the other students. You are required to prepare a report for the local media and community to address their concerns: Please include in the report i) general information on TB including the Australian situation, ii) its infectiousness and risk factors, iii) who are the high risk groups for contact tracing, iv) what procedures have been taken for the identified household contacts including follow-up (assume that only the parents and 8 year old brother are the identified as contacts and no evidence of TB among them), v) when the student (index case) would be able to join his/her class and would the parents/teachers need to concerned of developing TB? (5×4= 20 marks)  5. Please download Tuberculosis Contact Tracing guidelines for Northern Territory and Victoria. Can you identify any jurisdictional and procedural differences