Maddox Smith Staff asked 4 years ago

Compare Different Experiences

Visit two different courts dealing with the same area of law (either both civil or both criminal) or two tribunals of your choice and write a report of your observations comparing what you noticed in the two courts.  If what you see on your first visit is too brief, dull or incomprehensible to write about then go again or go several times and pick out the most interesting visit or compare different experiences.  Observe for one day or at least one morning. It does not matter whether you observe part of a contested case (trial), or lots of short hearings such as case management hearings or guilty pleas and sentencing. The aim is to observe how the law works in the real world of practice and for the module team to be able to check whether you understand what is going on in a court. Part of the exercise is to find out how open British justice is. Objective Objective: to demonstrate that you can locate and observe proceedings in different courts, understand what is going on and write an informative, comparative and intelligent report about your observations and set your experience within the general information on those types of court, gleaned from your textbook, lectures and other sources.