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Communication and Ethical Behaviour

(1) Please refer to the marking criteria as your reference of assignment writing. (2)Please use critical analysis to evaluate in this assignment. (3) Please use 2 or 3 theories from scholar and then do the finding presenting in table format. Also, please quote the source for every table and figure. Please look into the assignment requirement carefully. (4) Please use the reading materials as MAIN REFERENCE for the assignment. Please use Malaysia’s company business case for the assignment. ●    Assignments 1 and 2 are designed to encourage you to develop skills in research, critical analysis, problem solving, decision-making, communication and ethical behaviour. They require you to select a project (or projects) of your choice (so your studies are contextualized for your needs) and to analyse aspects of that project in a clinical and objective manner. Viewing the videos on critical analysis (accessed from the StudyDesk) will help you to understand the expectations and how to go about critical analysis. They require you to find relevant information (as it is not always provided in the study materials) and to compare theory with practice. This is not simple or easy but reflects what is expected of you in the real world of practice.   ●    Assignment 1 is an essay. Assignment 2 is a case study.   ●    An essay is a simpler format than a case study but can be difficult to write well. It provides insights into an issue relating to your project.   ●    A case study is an analytical report that examines a specific issue and provides conclusions and clear recommendations.   ●    The word count is indicative. Past experience indicates that it is difficult to discuss the issues in less than the nominated word count but try to stay close to the word count if possible. Marks are gained for conciseness and marks are lost for unnecessary material.   ●    A high standard of presentation is expected at postgraduate level. There is no excuse for poor spelling, bad grammar, nor lack of formatting. Use one and a half line spacing with 12-point font, and pages must be numbered.   ●    Do not use ‘I, we, you, our’ etc. Reports and assignments should not be written in the ‘first person’. ●    It should be about 10% of the assignment length, single line spacing, and is excluded from formal word counts.   ●    It is not an introduction, but should function as a totally self-contained removable document for readers who will read no more of the report.   ●    It should contain all pertinent information including conclusions and recommendations in a concise summary, but should not contain any theory.     Introduction   ●    An Introduction should be provided at the beginning to summarise the structure of the following sections of the essay/report/assignment.   ●    The introduction does not contain theory, nor does it contain any conclusions nor recommendations.   ●    Do not assume that the reader has read any Executive Summary (if one is provided), as it is a totally separate document. Include any relevant information in the Introduction.   Body of assignment   ●    This is an academic assignment, so it is essential that your statements and views be justified by relevant academic theory. For example, don’t just use terms like ‘stakeholder’ – explain why you selected those terms, and the academic theory to justify their use and definition.   ●    A major failing of students is to simply ‘describe’ the processes that have happened. At postgraduate level, you are expected to be able to apply recognised theory to situations, and form opinions. You will often find conflicting opinions from so-called ‘experts’. You should be developing analytical and communication skills.   ●    Students coming from other universities, and especially overseas students, find this need for ‘analysis’ the most difficult transition to make to Australian university study. You are expected to use your judgement to analyse problems, make value judgements as to whether it is good or bad (or both), use existing academic theory from a range of sources to justify your position, and to argue whether something is valid or not. In the study of management, there are no right nor wrong answers, only lots of opinions, many of which change over a period of time. Show that you can act as managers, and communicate your opinions.     ●    Major sections of assignment 2 should start on a new page. You will be surprised just how much more readable it makes your assignment / report.