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Comment on the Variation

For the following transistor switching circuit:  a)    Determine the value of VCE when VIN = 0V. b)    Determine the minimum value of IB required to saturate the transistor if β is 125 and VCE(sat)  is 0.2V.  c)    Calculate the maximum value of RB when VIN = 5V. (Assume VBE = 0.7V) 2.    A NPN transistor is connected as shown with R1 = 6.8 kΩ, R2 = 1 kΩ, RC =  3.3 kΩ, RE = 1 kΩ and VCC = 15V. Assume VBE = 0.7V. a)    Compute VCE and IC for (i) β = 100 and ii) β = 300 b)    Comment on the variation of VCE and IC calculated in part (a) for two different values of β