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CIS5200 Professional Skills for Systems Analysis

The Willowbrook School staff accepted your interface, output, input, and data designs. Now you will determine the system architecture, which translates the logical design of an information system into a physical blueprint.  Tasks 1: Design a system architecture for Willowbrook School based on file server or client/server architecture? Discuss advantages and disadvantages that should be considered when making this decision within the context of Willowbrook School. Speak to the cost-benefit issues of file server and client/server designs.  Tasks 2: Based on your chosen architecture from task 1, what physical and logical network topology would you recommend for Willowbrook School?  Tasks 3: Now that you have developed a systems architecture and physical topology for the network, make a list of the hardware that will be required for Willowbrook. Review the background information in previous chapters to develop your list.  Tasks 4: Write a system design specification document for Willowbrook’s new information system.